Sunday, 2 June 2013

Liberal Party Fundraiser for Emanuele Cicchiello: photo-dump

If you are unaware of my glamorous lifestyle as a passionate rookie journalist, then I have provided some evidence of what it looks like to work in a rapidly dying industry.  Yay.

I doubt anybody remembers or really cared but if you've read my other blog (which I know is much more interesting when I fill it with anti-Bruno Mars rants), I have been to a number of political fundraisers and I did volunteer work for former Liberal candidate Gladys Liu during her campaign a few years ago.

Yep.  Pumping helium balloons.  Handing out flyers.  Going around tables selling raffle tickets.  Not doing exam revision and getting a crappish score for my Chinese sac.
T'was the lyf.

Experience is always a positive thing though.  Yes, it actually is.  We all need to be taken advantage of  work hard for nothing but experience early in our careers.  And here I am networking.  And being a photo-w.

With Melbourne City Councillor and former
President of the Chinese Association of Victoria, Ken Ong,
who only seemed to register any sort of interest in making
conversation with me after I told him I studied arts and law
at Monash Uni.  He was all like "my son does the same course
 and is in your year." Something about how I should know him
because his son is so heavily involved with club activities etc.

With the star of the night, Emanuele Cicchiello, who is
the Liberal candidate for Bruce.  He went to MWSC and
was a teacher before becoming a principal and now a pollie.
Seems like a very nice guy.
But can a nice guy be a good politician?
A trenchant question one must consider before September 14.

With the President of the Legislative Council and
State Member for Eastern Metropolitan Region,
 Bruce Atkinson.  Conversation with him was extremely awks.
I think I just need to practice being more laidback, Aussie style.
Get an Australian accent.  Which REMINDS ME, Reuben watched
the St Kilda FF video and said I HAD A LISP.
A LISP.  I know I can't pronounce 'th' but it's not as bad as an
actual freaking lisp.

With someone all of you Asians living in Box Hill should recognise
at once - he's your rep Robert Clark and the Attorney General.
He went to St Alban's High School and then graduated from University High.
I found it quite lovely that two of the most important people in the
room both received public school educations. 

Liberal for Hotham, Fazal Cader, who was really enthusiastic
about doing an interview with me.
 And... a guy in a Qing Dynasty hat.
Or something.  He might have been someone important.

MCs: Cr Ken Ong and the wonderful Gladys Liu

Singing and dancing.

More singing and dancing.
Took some footage.  Haven't edited it yet.  I might when I have time.  And because I haven't really described what happened at the event, I guess I'll just do that when/if I upload a video.

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