Saturday, 13 September 2014

I went to see Kanye West and other random things

How the hell am I still getting page views on this thing?
In a way, it's kind of validating to know that people still stalk my Facebook profile so meticulously. I mean -  it's really the only way to get to my blog these days. Unless one of you creeps have linked my blog on your own AKB48 fanpage.

So it's the end of week seven of semester two and I just spend the past two hours re-watching The Best of Ari Gold on YouTube, as well as reminiscing all the times I used to imitate Ari's greatest lines from Entourage and try them out on random people at high school. The best Ari-moment of my life was probably that time in year eight or nine, when a campy guy in the year below me wished me happy birthday at the canteen line and I immediately responded with a gratuitously loud 'SHUT THE FUCK UP.' Heads turned. Jaws dropped. I blushed. And one boy's social life was scarred forever by 2.712 seconds of utter public humiliation. I stood around 5'2'' and still wore bows in my hair. My fashion sense did not match the things that came out of my mouth. Anyway, I'm also pretty sure that that was way before I had discovered Entourage - so I must have been born suave.

Also, I've told this story a billion times. I love this story. If you've heard me personally regale it to you, then you must know me relatively well.

I went to see Kanye West at Rod Laver Arena on Wednesday night and I've got to say - I am sooooo disappointed. I paid, what, 150 dollars to watch a guy rap on stage for two hours and nothing more. I could have watched better Kanye performances on YouTube. Apart from the epilepsy inducing, flashing triangular protrusion on centre stage (and I'm not talking about Kanye West), there were no other noteworthy special effects. There were no back up dancers. No other significant props. No Kanye swinging around on a ceiling-mounted Illuminati symbol/Kim Kardashian. I mean COME ON. It's Kanye at a bloody concert. If I wanted to just see a guy perform on stage, I'd have gone to fucking Ed Sheeran at Festival Hall to swoon at the amazing acoustic atmosphere while totally yelling out RON WEASLEY! mid-song and holding up a giant poster of Ron Weasley.

I watched Byzantium a few hours ago. Gemma Arteton is actually not a bad actress - at least in that movie. I enjoyed her acting for once. But Saoirse (pronounced Ser-sha apparently) Ronan is the bomb. I love her. She is so beautiful and talented and her voice is so seraphic and smooth and SHE IS THE SAME AGE AS ME <3

I really like her eyes.

I would stare into them all day long.

* this blog is such a fail. I don't think I can ever update this frequently if I don't write like I sound like an asshole.