Thursday, 11 February 2016

Striking up a conversation with my brother: lifetime achievement unlocked

"Hey, so have you read the manga for One-Punch Man?" I asked my brother randomly. We're having dinner at Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant in Glen Waverley, and seated adjacent to a dozen or so old white people having red wine with their sweet and sour pork. Their raucous laughter and Elizabeth Arden perfume hung in the air. 

My brother turned to me and said "Um, no." 

"Well," I continued, sipping my bowl of MSG-laden spare ribs soup, "I read the entire manga for One-Punch Man in one day." 

"Oh," said my brother timidly, but otherwise without any discernible emotion. There was a pause, then he went on. "Did you read the manga before watching the anime?"

"Nah, I watched the anime first. Then I picked up where the anime left off in the manga."

"Oh," said my brother. He picked up a slice of meuniere-doused beef with his chopsticks. 

"Yeah, the manga's only a little bit ahead of the anime. But I know what the next major arc and villain is." 

No response. 

"Don't you want to know what happens next?" I asked. 

"Not really." He grabs a whole heap of garlic spinach. "The anime finished on a pretty solid note. It didn't end on a cliffhanger." 

"Actually, it kindddddd of did. See, the prophecy said that some devastating earth-threatening event wold occur within the next six months, and that clearly wasn't the alien invasion because Saitama defeated them so easily. So the actual event hasn't actually happened yet. We still don't know what it is. I guess it isn't really a 'cliffhanger' but it's still an unanswered question." 

"Hmm. True. Oh well, I'm just going to wait for the anime to come out." 

AND THERE YOU GO. An actual conversation with my brother that lasted longer than 20 seconds. It seems like we're having a lot more of these 'conversations' now. I mean, it may have something to do with the fact that we're inadvertently watching a lot of the same stuff (One-Punch Man; The Legend of Korra), and that I'm now PC gaming.

Yes, you read that right.
Me. Gaming.
Me. The only online games I've ever played seriously are Scrabble and Cartoon Network basketball with your favourite Cartoon Network characters (I was eight years old).

But now, ever since my boyfriend encouraged me to get Steam, I have been completely obsessed with Shadowrun - a strategic turn-based game that relies more on tactical thinking than incessant, reflex-dependent shooting and running. Now that I'm actually super into this game, I've been getting more interested in exploring other genres, especially horror gaming i.e. OUTLAST.

Oh, and back to the dinner, my parents really hated the steamed fish, claiming it was not fresh and probably a dead frozen fish that had been served to us. So you know what my freakin' dad did? He called one of the managers over, and attempted to feed her bits of the fish so she could 'see how not fresh it was.' Like, literally, he got a fork and stabbed a bit of the fish, then held up the falling bits of fish to her face and was like "TRY IT! TRY IT! THEN YOU'LL SEE!"

It was a little bit embarrassing. He even told the manager "YOU MUST HAVE SWAPPED IT FOR A FROZEN ONE IN THE KITCHEN!" To which the manager responded: "Oh my god seriously mister, we are a respectful restaurant business - we would NEVER do that. Believe me." And then walked away.

Yeah, Cantonese people are picky about their fish.